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At Ultimate Healthcare, we monitor both our products and the service we provide to our customers and the feedback we receive allows us to continually evolve and improve our service.

 August 2018

It is always very difficult to choose the most effective cushion for patients, particularly patients with loss of sensation below the waist. The  cushion that was required, needed to provide comfort, aids posture whilst seating and be effective at reducing pressure, as the patient already had stage 3 skin damage. A variety of high risk pressure relieving cushions had been used with no significant improvement.


We have found Ultimate Healthcare to be one of the most reliable and supportive companies, who offered to visit and pressure map our patient and allow the patient to trial an excellent cushion (Polyair). This cushion was very easy to set up, successfully improved the patients posture when seating and we noted positive improvements to the pressure ulcer within only a week of using the cushion.


The company provide a large range of pressure relieving equipment and results as explained above reflect both of the care the patient receives and the quality of equipment the company provide.


Tessa Anders  |  Tissue Viability Nurse



April 2018

"Equipment is always difficult as so many companies offer so much.

However from experience I have found Ultimate Healthcare one of the more reliable companies and they offer a fantastic mattress that has many options, especially if your patient is hoisted. I have recently used this same process successfully for two patients, one with MND who couldn't get comfortable, and the second a quadriplegic who was marking on all surfaces.

They will offer to come and 'pressure map' the patient, and will identify the best mattress and cushion if needed, to suit the patient and their lifestyle. They also provide profiling beds with four sections, which is what you would need"


Geraldine Reevell | Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse | Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust




"All Hallows Hospital have been using Ultimate Healthcare products for several years, in particular the Heritage Full Replacement Mattresses (24 Systems), for tissue viability care for our complex patient’s needs.

The after care service and advice provided by the Ultimate team has always been very good and the systems purchased are highly reliable, there has been not a single call out over a 4 year period!

An update of pressure care equipment available is made accessible to All Hallows and includes pressure area care training. The little things like accommodating dates and times to meet our needs so the maximum staff can attend really do matter and reflect positively about the Company.

We have recently purchased further equipment to include the Liberty Low Air Loss Mattress (4 Systems), which patients are now benefiting from in terms of comfort and pressure area care. Furthermore we have had healing category 4 patients on these systems who have actually healed which reflects well on both the care received and the quality of the systems used."


Janet Dunning, Matron, All Hallows Healthcare Trust, All Hallows Hospital




"This company has worked for originally Redbridge PCT and now North East London Community services (Redbridge) for approximately 4 years. Since working with Ultimate Healthcare, many of the previous problems encountered has been eliminated as the products meet our patient’s clinical need both initially but also throughout the time we have continued to work with Ultimate Healthcare.


The products are of a high specification and the company provide a good range of products to make clinical decisions with. One of the best benefits that I have personally encountered is the willingness of the company representatives to work collaboratively together to meet the clinical needs of patients who require a specialist piece of equipment. This has occurred on a few occasions when I have requested extra support in the management of a patient with specific needs and the company and their representatives have been very helpful in achieving a good effective clinical outcome. 


Education and training is another element of the company’s history with us that has been proactive and continued. We are currently in the process of undertaking further training for my community staff in order to ensure staff competency and knowledge of equipment is maintained and standardised. One of the best features of this on-going training is the willingness to provide this training at community venues that suit our staff even if it can be at times difficult for the company to manoeuvre their equipment.


This level of flexibility and adaptations is essential element for me including the openness and willingness to provide support, guidance and advice to both myself and my community nursing teams."


Hannah Patten – TVNS, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust




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