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Seating & Positioning Supports Brochure

Providing information and support on static and dynamic seating as well as positioning supports.


N-Line Bathing Solutions Brochure

Providing information and support on The N-line Bathing range.


Pressure Care Mattresses Brochure

Providing information and support on static, dynamic and hybrid mattresses.


Support and Resources

Providing education and support is paramount to Ultimate Healthcare’s philosophy and we believe that education and training is the key to promoting quality of care, whether that is reducing the incidence of pressure ulcers or the safe use of equipment.


Pressure Ulcer Care

Pressure ulcers, also known as decubitus ulcers, pressure injuries or bedsores represent a formidable health challenge worldwide, with significant financial implications for healthcare providers, increased workloads for nursing staff and a reduced quality of life for large numbers of patients.

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