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Products - Accessories


Foldable Crash Mattress

Product code: USPFCM0001

The Ultimate Healthcare Crash Mattress is manufactured using premium grade foam formed into three fold out sections.


Side rail mesh bumpers

Product code: UBEB002001MESH

The Side Rail Mesh Bumpers are designed to enhance patient safety and comfort. The bumpers fit the Cura II, Cura II Supreme and Cura Community beds.


3/4 length 4 bar side rails

Product Code: UBEB7002

The 4-bar Side Rails are designed to fit the Cura II bed range and provide sufficient height to accommodate a typical mattress /overlay combination to enhance patient safety.


Full length telescopic side rails

Product code: UBEB7002FL-2  |  UBEB1402FL

Easily extendable rails designed to fit the Cura II and the Cura Community bed range.


Bed Stick

Product code: UBEL0004

The Ultimate Bed Stick is designed to assist safe transfer into and out of bed, adjustable it fits both single and double divan beds.


Mattress Underlay

Product code: USPF3678

Designed for use on an uneven surface, this foam underlay mattress can be used on a slatted, profiling and divan beds underneath an alternating pressure mattress


Mattress Elevator

Product code: UBEE0001-2

Designed in the UK, Ultimate Healthcare’s mattress elevator is adjustable and suitable for single and double beds.


Grab Rails

Product code: UBEB7004  |  UBEB7004-3

The Grab Rail provides a stable handle for patients to hold while entering or exiting the bed.


Mattress Squab

Product code: USPF3406-KIT  |  USPF3408  |  USPF480802

The Mattress Squab is designed to be used alongside a single foam mattress or bariatric mattress on bedframes with an integral extension system.


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Lifting Pole

Product Code: UBEB7003

The Lifting Pole and Handle provide stable overhead support for patients who find it difficult to rise out of bed.


Side Rail Bumpers

Product code: UBEB002001 . UBEB002001FL . UBEB0006 . UBEB0001

The Side Rail Bumpers are designed to fit the Cura range of beds and will cover the side rails to enhance patient safety and comfort.

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