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Side Rail Bumpers

Product code: UBEB002001 . UBEB002001FL . UBEB0006 . UBEB0001

The Side Rail Bumpers are designed to fit the Cura range of beds and will cover the side rails to enhance patient safety and comfort.


The side rail bumpers consist of CMHR foam pads with a wipe clean polyester coated cover and can be easily secured in place. These side rail bumpers do not have to be removed for the side rails to be lowered and are designed to fit standard height 3-bar side rails or extra high 4-bar side rails.



Fully enclosed bumpers for the Cura II, Supreme and Community 3/4 length bed rails (UBEB7002 or UBEB7002G)


Full length fully enclosed bumpers for the metal telescopic rails on the Cura/Cura supreme beds (UBEB7002FL-2) and Community beds(UBEB1402FL)




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