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Mattress Squab

Product code: USPF3406-KIT  |  USPF3408  |  USPF480802

The Mattress Squab is designed to be used alongside a single foam mattress or bariatric mattress on bedframes with an integral extension system.


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The mattress squab provides an infill for the extended section of the bed and is fitted with a 2-way stretch PU waterproof and vapour permeable cover to reduce shear and friction forces and enhance patient comfort.


Mattress squab suitable for Cura Communinity bed supplied with mattress retainers to secure the squab:

Code: USPF3406-KIT

Dimensions: 910mmW x 150mmD x 160mmH


Mattress squab for Cura II and Cura II Supreme beds

Code: USPF3408

Dimensions: 910mmW x 200mmD x 160mmH


Bariatric mattress squab suitable for Soprano bed:

Code: USPF480802

Dimensions: 1220mmW x 200mmD x 200mmH



For further information on this product please contact us on 0845 644 8499 or email us at sales@ultimatehealthcare.co.uk 





Product leaflet

Mattress squab leaflet




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