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Heritage II Bariatric

Mattress Replacement

Product code: UPRA4878-2 


The Heritage II Bariatric dynamic mattress replacement provides optimal care for patients weighing up to 350kg / 55 stone. With a 1200mm width surface and comfort control features the Heritage II Bariatric provides comfortable care options for larger patients considered to be up to a very high risk of pressure damage.


The Heritage II Bariatric features a full width deep 8” alternating cell design to provide optimum support and pressure care for larger patients. Features such as auto-detection and backrest mode automatically adjust internal cell pressures to match the patient’s weight and position ensuring that they receive optimised care.


 The modern power unit is equipped with advanced audible and visual alarms which allow rapid problem diagnostics therefore real peace of mind. An excellent 48-hour Transport mode provides a failsafe to avoid the possibility of bottoming out in the event of a power failure.


 An active 2-cell cycle alternating mode provides pressure redistribution for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Constant low pressure mode allows the mattress to conform closely a patient’s body and redistribute body weight over a wider area.


Product information sheet

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For further information on this product please contact us on 0845 644 8499 or email us at sales@ultimatehealthcare.co.uk 


Features & Benefits



2-cell cycle

Provides optimal dynamic therapy and lower interface pressures.

Cell on cell construction

Provides excellent pressure reduction and support for patients up to 350 kg / 55 stone.

Comfort control

Allows nursing staff to adjust pressures to suit individual patient requirements.

Digital control panel

Easy to use digital control panel that offers the intuitive control of settings.

Backrest mode

Automatically adjusts internal cell pressures to match the patient's weight and position ensuring that they receive optimised care.

Lower leg zone

Provides lower residual interface pressure in this highly sensitive area improving patient care.

Constant low pressure

Allowing the patient to sink further into the mattress whilst still providing pressure relief.

Static mode

Provides a firm and stable surface for essential nursing procedures.

Rapid CPR deflation

CPR release tag provides rapid deflation for emergency situations to ensure CPR can commence as quick as possible.

Audible and visual alarms

Audible and visual low pressure and power failure alarms enhance patient safety and ensures peace of mind for nursing staff.

Auto-lockout function

Enhances patient safety by preventing accidental or unintentional setting changes. After a period of inactivity the control panel will automatically lockout.

Transport mode

Robust and easily activated transport facility allows mattress to remain inflated for up to 48 hours providing a security buffer in case of mains power failure, whilst also facilitating patient/bed movement without unnecessary risk to patient.

Individual cell construction

All cells can be individually removed facilitating easy and efficient repairs and replacement helping to reduce on-going costs.

Integral and covered air pipe

Reduces possibility of fluid ingress to aid infection control.

Welded seems and enclosed zip

Provides protection against the ingress of fluids into the mattress ensuring maximum protection and longevity for the mattress

Stretch, waterproof, vapour permeable PU cover

Improves patient comfort and maintains skin integrity by reducing shear and friction forces whilst aiding infection control.

Easily accessible 360° zip

Reduces possibility of fluid ingress whilst ensuring that cover can be easily removed for inspection, infection control and laundry washing.

Adjustable hanging brackets

Allows power unit to be securely attached to various beds.

Securing straps

Provide added stability and ensure the mattress is kept in position on the bedframe.

Cable management system

Eliminates tripping hazardsfrom loose cabling and reduces potential for power damage cable.


Technical Specification

Product Code


Risk Category

Up to very high

Max User Weight

350 kg / 55 stone


2 years

Mattress Dimensions

2000mm x 1200mm x 200mm

Power Unit Dimensions

420mm x 130mm x 230mm

Product Weight

10.9 kg Mattress / 4.6 kg Power Unit

Cycle Time

10/15/20/25/30 Minutes (2 cell cycle)

Cycle Control


Pressure range


Supply Voltage

230V, 50 Hz

Power Consumption

12 Watts


Class II, Type BF


Certified to the following standards: EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2





Heritage II Bariatric

Product Leaflet

User manual

Quick reference guide


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