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Introducing our NEW Ultra-Cline rise recliner cushion

The Ultra-Cline cushions by Ultimate Healthcare are cost effective and have been specifically developed to be used on rise recliner chairs.

 The pressure reducing cushions provide added comfort and postural support to existing chair cushions.


The 2-way stretch, waterproof and vapour permeable cover assists infection control and the visco elastic foam provides comfort.


The Ultra-Cline is lightweight and features a securing strap system, preventing the cushion from slipping and therefore reducing the risk of pressure ulceration due to forward sliding.


The cushions are supplied as part of a three piece set to include a lumbar, seat and leg cushion or individually. The lumbar and leg cushion cannot be used without the seat cushion however the seat cushion can be used individually.


  • The seat cushion is secured to the rise recliner with a securing strap.
  • The leg cushion can simply be fitted to the Velcro underneath the seat cushion.
  • The lumbar section must firstly be fitted to the Velcro underneath the seat cushion. Once the two parts have been assembled the two lumbar straps can be brought around the back of the chair and clipped into the bottom strap.

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For further information on this product please contact us on 0845 644 8499 or email us at sales@ultimatehealthcare.co.uk 


Tab Features & Benefits



Visco elastic foam

Moulds to patient shape, providing excellent comfort and pressure re-distribution

2 way stretch cover, waterproof cover

Promoting comfort and assists infection control.

Non-slip base

Aids moving & handling procedures


Technical Specification

Product Code

(standard size - non retail)

Lumbar cushion code: UPRU0001CES-BACK

Seat cushion code: UPRU0001CES-CUS

Leg cushion code: UPRU0001CES-LEG

Complete system code: UPRU0001CES-SET


Product Code

(standard size - retail packaged)


Retail packaged product Code:

Lumbar cushion code: UPRU0001R-BACK

Seat cushion code: UPRU0001R-CUS

Leg cushion code: UPRU0001R-LEG

Complete system code: UPRU0001R-SET


Product Code

(wider  size - non retail)

Lumbar cushion code: UPRU0002CES-BACK

Seat cushion code: UPRU0002CES-CUS

Leg cushion code: UPRU0002CES-LEG

Complete system code: UPRU0002CES-SET



Product Code

(wider  size - retail)

Retail packaged product Code:

Lumbar cushion code: UPRU0002R-BACK

Seat cushion code: UPRU0002R-CUS

Leg cushion code: UPRU0002R-LEG

Complete system code: UPRU0002R-SET

Risk Category

Up to high risk

Max User Weight

Up to 159kg / 25 stone


1 year

Cushion Dimensions for standard size

Lumbar cushion 700 x 430 x 30mm

Seat cushion 430 x 430 x 40mm

Leg system 430 x 430 x 30mm


Cushion Dimensions for wider size


Lumbar cushion 700 x 470 x 30mm

Seat cushion 430 x 470 x 40mm

Leg system 430 x 470 x 30mm


Cleaning of the system is required regularly and between patient use to prevent cross infection. For thorough decontamination the system should be carefully cleaned with 1000ppm prepared solution of sodium hypochlorite or a similar disinfectant and allowed to dry completely. For daily cleaning, wipe the cover with soap and water.





Product leaflet


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