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30° Positioning Wedge

Memory foam and a high resiliency stabilising foam nub


The 30° positioning wedge consists of memory foam and a high resiliency stabilising foam nub is widely recommended for those at risk of developing pressure ulcers due to laying in a supine position for an extended period of time.

Please see further details on the 30° Positioning Wedge by clicking on the Technical Specification tab or by downloading the product leaflet


Wedge cushion

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Tab Features & Benefits



Viscoelastic foam with memory effect

Viscoflex® was specifically designed for pressureulcer prevention.Very high-density viscoelastic foamgives our Viscoflex® cushions better resistance to subsidence compared to industrial-type viscoelasticfoams. The memory effect allows precise moulding of the body therefore provides better pressure distribution and facilitates blood circulation.

The Form

The positioning wedge has lower limb support at thigh level and a hollowed sacrum zone to help redistribute pressure to lower risk areas of the user’s body. The supports at thigh level also enhance user comfort by avoiding the rotation of the vertebral column, contributing to more effective use. It also prevents contact between the knees which can be at a high risk of pressure ulcers in the occurrence of prolonged contact.


The stabilisation insert

The 30° positioning wedge has a central foam anatomical nub which is moulded to a soft viscoelastic surface. The nub is a key feature for the effective use of the wedge as it enables the 30° position to be maintained over time by acting as a support structure. The ergonomic shape of the insert acknowledges the curves of the user’s body which helps to reduce pressure.


The cover


The breathable, waterproof and vapour permeable cover promotes comfort whilst aiding infection control. The wedge is covered with a soft, bi-stretch polyurethane cover and features a non-slip base and carry handle to facilitate transfers from one room to another. The cover is also marked with a marker label to ensure perfect positioning.


Technical Specification


UHC Product Code



Dimensions  (cm) 

55 x 25 x 7.5cm / 21½ x 10 x 3’’

55 x 25 x 7.5cm / 21½ x 10 x 3’'


For a user turning to the left

For a user turning to the right

Cover Type




Cover Type Description



2 years





Product leaflet

30° Positioning Wedge Product leaflet



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