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Drift Easy - Manual wheelchair

The Drift Easy is a very durable manual wheelchair that offers great user comfort, posture and positioning support.


Drift - Manual wheelchair

The Drift is a lightweight, durable manual wheelchair that offers flexible adjustment options to optimise user comfort, posture and positioning.


Gravity II - Tilt in space wheelchair

The Gravity II tilt-in-space wheelchair is a highly flexible and adaptable option for the less active, more dependent user with high comfort in mind.


Burst - Indoor Powerchair

The Burst lightweight folding, rear wheel drive powered wheelchair is ideal for every day and occasional use and is a superb multi-purpose powered wheelchair which has all the qualities of a professional product.


Impulse - Modular manual wheelchair

The Impulse is a modular and adaptable manual wheelchair that is able to match the needs of a wide range of users.


Velocity - Indoor/outdoor powerchair

 The Velocity is a versatile, high performance rear wheel drive powered wheelchair that will allow you to live life to the full.

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