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Ultimate Healthcare offers a professional equipment auditing service designed to provide you with accurate information that will alleviate the stress and burden involved in managing and maintaining your equipment.


With the increased pressures being placed upon healthcare providers to ensure that the care and treatment they provide meets national standards of quality and safety as set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) it is vitally important that healthcare facilities conduct regular equipment audits in order to meet these regulations and safeguard their patients and staff.


Regular audits will help you identify equipment within your facility that has been adversely affected by mechanical damage or wear and tear before it becomes a safety issue for your staff and/or patients.


We understand the time and resources required to carry out an equipment audit, therefore our specialist team can support you by providing professional auditing services for static mattresses, dynamic mattresses and bedframes.


Through our individual assessments of your equipment we provide comprehensive reports detailing equipment failures and identifying actions that can be implemented to reduce future equipment failure rates. Our recommendations will provide you with peace of mind that your equipment is fit for purpose and enable you to maintain high quality standards of care.


Ultimate Healthcare Auditing Services:

  • Auditing of static mattresses, dynamic mattresses and bedframes.

  • Comprehensive reports and recommendations.

  • Identify equipment failures before they become a safety issue.

  • Safeguard your staff and patients.


For further information on our Audting services or to discuss how Ultimate Healthcare can assist with your requirements, please call a member of our Customers Services Team on 0845 644 8499 or email sales@ultimatehealthcare.co.uk


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