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Cura Community


  • 4- section advanced electric profiling adjustments
  • Easy to use handset control with function lockout
  • Exceptional electric height range 340 – 740mm
  • Integral 140mm bed extension
  • Auto-regression backrest
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg
  • One-button auto-contour positioning
  • Disassembles into 4 parts for improved transportation and installation access
  • Compact transport and storage system
  • Complemented by a range of accessories
  • Maximum patient weight 180kg (28 stone)
  • Safe Working Load 220kg (35 Stone)

Product description

The Cura Community electric profiling bed features easy to use handset controls to optimise patient comfort and well-being whilst enhancing patient mobility and independence. With an exceptional height range the Cura Community ensures carers are able to work at a comfortable height and also assists patients with getting in and out of bed. The integral bed extension allows the bed to be transformed for taller patients and an auto regression backrest increases comfort when the backrest is activated, minimising shear/friction forces.

The bed is ideal for Community and Long Term Care environments.

Technical Specification

Product code: UBEB1401-BED Highest height: 740mm
Overall length: 2150mm Lowest height: 340mm
Overall length (extended): 2290mm Trendelenburg: 12 degrees
Overall width (with side rails): 990mm Reverse Trendelenburg: 12 degrees
Overall width (without side rails): 990mm Backrest angle: 0 – 73.5 degrees
Mattress platform: 2030 x 885mm Knee-break angle: 0 – 30 degrees
Mattress platform (extended): 2170 x 885mm Calf rest angle: 0 – 13.5 degrees
Maximum patient weight 180kg (28 stone) Warranty: 2 years on electrical parts
Safe Working Load 220kg (35 Stone)   5 years on metal work


UBEB1402FLC Telescopic Side Rails – Full Length
UBEB002001FL-2MESH Mesh Full Length Side Rail Bumpers
UBEB002001FL-2MESH-EXT Mesh Full Length Side Rail Bumpers Extension
UBEB7002 3/4 Side Rails
UBEB002001 3/4 Length Side Rail Bumpers
UBEB7003 Patient Lifting Pole
UBEB7004 Grab Rail
UBEB7004-3 Inline Grab Rail
USPF3406-KIT Mattress Extension Squab Infill