Onyx Three

Onyx Three


  • Multi-layer foam design for increased pressure reduction, comfort and support
  • Ideal for patients considered to be up to a high risk of developing pressure ulcers
  • Discrete due to colour
  • Non-slip base
  • Great product longevity
  • Non-turn
  • Cover helps to maintain skin integrity and infection control
  • Various sizes available to suit wheelchairs and lounge chairs
  • Max user weight: 177 kg / 28 stone

Product description

The Onyx Three comprises of a multi layered design incorporating visco elastic and high density foam to help provide increased comfort and pressure reduction.  The cushion is ideal for patients considered to be up to a high risk of pressure ulcer development.

The 2-way stretch, waterproof, vapour permeable PU cover, improves patient comfort and maintains skin integrity by reducing shear and friction forces whilst aiding infection control. A non-slip base helps with moving and handling.

Technical Specification

Product code: Cushion dimensions: Product code: Cushion dimensions:
UPRO21515 38 x 38 x 8cmH UPRO21818 46 x 46 x 8cmH
UPRO21516 38 x 41 x 8cmH UPRO21917 48 x 43 x 8cmH
UPRO21616 41 x 41 x 8cmH UPRO21918 48 x 46 x 8cmH
UPRO21617 41 x 43 x 8cmH UPRO22018 51 x 46 x 8cmH
UPRO21618 41 x 46 x 8cmH UPRO22020 51 x 51 x 8cmH
UPRO21717 43 x 43 x 8cmH UPRO22218 56 x 46 x 8cmH
UPRO21718 43 x 46 x 8cmH UPRO22220 56 x 51 x 8cmH
UPRO21720 43 x 51 x 8cmH UPRO22418 61 x 46 x 8cmH
UPRO21817 46 x 43 x 5cmH UPRO22420 61 x 51 x 5cmH
Risk Category: Up to high
Product weight 1.5kg
Max user weight: 177kg | 28 stone
Fire retardency: EN1021-1, 2:2006 Ignition source 0.1 as schedule 1 part 1 of the furniture & furnishings (fire) (safety) regulations 1988
Warranty:   2 years (foam and cover)