Walking Frames

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Walking Frames


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Three sizes available with or without wheels
  • Height adjustable
  • Ergonomic hand grips

Product description

The walking frame can be used by those who have difficulty walking. It provides additional support when moving around, sitting, or standing and
can be used indoors or outdoors.

The walking frame is height adjustable to suit the user and features ergonomic hand grips.

The frame is lightweight, sturdy and can be supplied with wheels or non-slip rubber ferrules.

Technical Specification

Product code: Description: Dimensions:
UMOWAL1L Large walking frame no wheels 920 – 1000mmH x 480mmD
400mmW (back) & 580mmW (front)
UMOWAL1M Medium walking frame no wheels 830 – 910mmH x 490mmD
400mmW (back) & 590mmW (front)
UMOWAL1S Small walking frame no wheels 720 – 800mmH x 500mmD
400mmW (back) & 580mmW (front)
UMOWAL2L Large walking frame with wheels 940 – 1020mmH x 520mmD
450mmW (back) & 580mmW (front)
UMOWAL2M Medium walking frame with wheels 850 – 930mmH x 530mmD
450mmW (back) & 590mmW (front)
UMOWAL2S Small walking frame with wheels 740 – 820mmH x 540mmD
450mmW (back) & 580mmW (front)

Maximum user weight: 160 kg | 25 Stone