Back Support

Back Support


  • Visco elastic foam
  • Anatomical form
  • Universal attachment
  • Non-turn
  • Cover helps to maintain skin integrity and infection control
  • Three different sizes

Product description

The Back Support Cushion consists of visco elastic foam with memory effect and a multi-bearing surface helping to improve the position and stability of the user.

A removable Polymaille® cover manufactured from impermeable materials, reducing the effects of maceration through easing the skin respiration.

Technical Specification

Product code: Back Support dimensions:
USYC0SUP-S 44 x 39 x 9cm (small)
USYC0SUP 49 x 44 x 9cm (medium)
USYC0SUP-L 49 x 50 x 10cm (large)
Warranty: 2 years (foam and cover)