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Products - Bariatric Mattresses


Soprano Bariatric Bed

The Soprano Bariatric Bed offers a low platform height of just 27cm from the ground level.



Liberty II Bariatric

Mattress Replacement

- Digital control panel

- Low air loss system

- Backrest feature 

- Pulsate mode

- Up to a very high risk   


Diversi-foam Bariatric Hybrid

Mattress Replacement

- Foam inside of air cell

- Static head cells

- Up to a very high risk



Heritage II Bariatric

Mattress Replacement

Product code: UPRA4878-2

The Heritage II Bariatric dynamic mattress replacement provides optimal care for patients weighing up to 350kg / 55 stone. With a 1200mm width surface and comfort control features the Heritage II Bariatric provides comfortable care options for larger patients considered to be up to a very high risk of pressure damage.


Carefree Bariatric

Mattress Replacement

Product code: UPRF4878

The Carefree Bariatric mattress is suitable for users who are considered to be up to a high risk of pressure ulcer development.


Trinity Plus: Bariatric

Mattress Replacement

Suitable for users who are considered to be up to a very high risk of pressure ulcer development.


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